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Delhi Metro: GBV Conversations and Theater

In Delhi, change initiatives are going straight to the people! And what better place to start than the metro?

Photo: The Hindu, April 8, Deeksha Teri

Volunteer students from Delhi University, all men, are taking up posts at ten metro stations and talking to commuters about gender equality, patriarchy, and violence. Organised by the Centre for Health and Social Justice (CHSJ), it’s a small but necessary start to raising awareness. Volunteers are also helping individual victims by providing a toll-free support line for help and more information.

And, near and dear to my own heart, the CHSJ is releasing a book of four plays about gender-based violence and masculinity. Thank you, theatre for social awareness and change!

Join the Ek Saath campaign, all supported by Forum to Engage Men, One Billion Rising, and the India Alliance for Gender Justice.



Our Walk Against Violence

Saturday, March 19 Payne Park Sarasota for UN Women-USNC.  Thanks to all our supporters and friends!

Come see us next at the Through Women’s Eyes Film Festival April 1 and 2!

TWE Film Festival


Film Festival Update!

Through Women’s Eyes Film Festival is here! This is a wonderful opportunity to see films not available elsewhere – and it’s our biggest UN Women-USNC Chapter Fundraiser. See the full line up on our site (link below).

Best deal: the weekend package!

TWE Film Festival – April 1 and 2